“The BRIDGE device brings innovation to the field of Addiction Medicine”

The acute pain of withdrawals as measured by C.O.W.S. (Clinical
Opiate Withdrawal Scale) is one of the greatest barriers to
detoxification and rehabilitation in the industry. While most in-patient and out-patient facilities have protocols in place, many who suffer from this acute and painful time need access to new, safe, nonnarcotic options in pain management.

Assisted Recovery, a recognized pioneer in the development of medication assisted treatment for example Naltrexone HCL, is very pleased and happy to announce that it will be utilizing the NSS Bridge devise, recently approved by the United States FDA as a treatment option.

Market Validation

 Used post surgically and by the VA for acute & chronic pain
 Double blind studies and abstracts support the science
 Over 30,000 applications of this technology
 Researched by Aurto Taca MD, President of ASAM Midwest.


Opioid and Heroin detox is painful and can take days or weeks to complete. Patients frequently quit before they can be moved to Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) due to pain. It is very difficult to get patients to Naltrexone/Vivitrol or similar M.A.T. due to pain and length of withdrawals.

The Solution

The Bridge is a medical device which offers acute pain patients an alternative to pain and the duration associated with withdrawals. The Bridge device is an auricular peripheral nerve field stimulator.

This low risk procedure which provides neuro-modulating signals over 96 hours for a 4-5 day time period is a non-narcotic alternative to address the acute pain of withdrawal. Here are points identifying the benefits of the Bridge.

1. More humane treatment of patients
2. More patients willing to complete the transition to rehabilitation
3. An option, previously unavailable


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