Outpatient Program for Phoenix Residents

You are NOT an alcoholic.

You ARE a human being who is alcohol dependent.

We do not tear you down with labels.

We empower you with tools & knowledge.


Empowering you to achieve your recovery goals…

Assisted Recovery is committed to providing a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment approach that addresses the numerous components of recovery from alcohol dependence.
At Assisted Recovery, we understand that alcohol dependence is far more than lack of character, lack of motivation, lack of will power or an inability to reach out to a “higher power”. Assisted Recovery offers a science based and medically researched approach to recovery from alcohol dependence and substance abuse.

Recovery is a process, not an event. ARCA provides what is known as a Bio/Psycho/Social approach to recovery. The biological component is addressed by the use of approved, safe, fast acting non-addicting medications, for example naltrexone. The psychological and social components are addressed with therapy, for example Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We do not want recovery to be the total focus of your life. It is our goal to empower you to lead a happy, productive life without alcohol and recovery programs.

While execellent at defining the issue, the traditional 12 step approach offers nothing more than “just say no” as a solution. ARCA understands that if you could just say no, you would not be seeking help with drinking and or drug dependence issues.

The use of safe, effective medications drmatically levels the playing field, enabling ARCA clients to say no to alcohol or drugs. It must be emphasized that the effective medications utilized by Assisted Recovery are tools, and not cures in themselves. They will level the playing field. They are however only one component of the treatment process. Also essential is the counseling and therapy component. Assisted Recovery provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as developed primarily by Dr. Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

Assisted Recovery fully understands.

Treating alcohol dependence is not a one-size-fits-all process. An individual treatment plan is developed together by both the client and trained ARCA staff. The treatment plan is designed to meet the clients needs and goals first and foremost.

Treatment includes individual and group therapy sessions utilizing but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI). At the start of treatment each client receives a psychological and social evaluation and assessment by ARCA’s Clinical Director. Using the results, a permanent therapist is assigned. Also, based on the initial evaluation, further, more extensive testing may be included in the treatment plan.

Assisted Recovery’s Comprehensive Treatment

ARCA provides comprehensive Out Patient program for area residents. ARCA is proud to have developed one of the first “evidence based treatment”, non 12-Step programs in the United States, utilizing among others, the research of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Treatment Research Center in Philadelphia.

To get started.

ARCA is located in midtown Phoenix on Indian School Road and 7th Street, only minutes from I-10, I-17 and SR 51. Call (602) 264-7897 today and set up an appointment. The intake process is approximately two hours and includes seeing our Medical Director, Dr. Sam Walker, NMD so that the medications can be started immediately. We are also happy to provide a no obligation consultation that may include concerned family members and friends.

Contact Assisted Recovery today at (602) 264-7897