Methamphetamine and Cocaine Addiction

At Assisted Recovery, we understand that addiction can come in many forms, and that certain treatment approaches are most effective at addressing issues  specific to the compulsion to use drugs. At present, there are no proven medications to treat addiction to methamphetamine or cocaine, however, lasting recovery is possible through the use of proven treatment approaches tailored to address addictive behaviors.


Methamphetamine (aka Go Fast, Crystal, Tina, Speed, Crank) is becoming increasingly popular due to the combination of multiple factors:

– Availability (methamphetamine is easy to make)

– Low price (methamphetamine is increasingly abundant, driving it’s price down)

– Value (methamphetamine “highs” can last for hours)

– Percieved usefulness (people will often feel more energetic and productive)

– Addictive properties (methamphetamine is HIGHLY addictive, even after one use)0

These factors, combined with the devastating health effects make methamphetamine a particularly sinister drug; one deserving of the utmost attention. Treatment of such a severe addiction requires a comprehensive approach that is implemented by trained professionals.

As addiction specialists, we recognize that every substance carries a latent potential for misuse and dependence, and every person’s vulnerability to its most harmful effects is different as well. ARCA’s experienced staff is capable of handling misuse and dependence of a long list of substances, as well as “co-occuring” disorders (i.e. drug use and depression/anxiety) as well.

Treatment Approach

Treatment at ARCA emphasizes a thorough assessment and the use of psychological and biological interventions in order to tailor a treatment approach that is uniquely suited to address our client’s needs. Taken together, treatment at ARCA involves:

– Thorough psychological and physical assessment

– Intensive individual and group therapy

– Family and couples therapy

– Psychoeducational groups

– Family support groups

– Ongoing support from experienced staff members

If you have tried to quit using drugs before, or if this is the first time you have decided to make a change for the better, give us a call and see how we can help.

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