Intensive Three Day Program

This program has literally saved my life! With two kids and a very full schedule, the Intensive 3 Day program worked for me.

-ARCA Client 

ARCA is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Our comprehensive program for approaching your recovery is based on the proven techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (as opposed to the standard 12-Step approach).

ARCA employs a variety of tools and techniques to help individuals gain independence from addictive behaviors. We encourage you to learn how to use each tool, and to practice the tools and techniques as you progress through the program in order to achieve a fulfilling and healthy life. These tools include:

  • Stages of Change
  • Change Plan Worksheet
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis (Decision Making Worksheet)
  • ABCs for Urge Coping
  • ABCs for Emotional Upsets
  • DISARM (Destructive Irrational Self-talk Awareness & Refusal Method)
  • Brainstorming
  • Role-playing and Rehearsing
  • USA Today (Unconditional Self-Acceptance)

You are committed, motivated and ready to get your life back.

Assisted Recovery recognizes that for many reasons, an individual seeking recovery may not be able to access our Two Week Accelerated Program for out-of-town clients. We further recognize the difficulty in finding a state-of-the-art, non-12 step, evidence-based treatment program.

In response, we offer the Assisted Recovery Intensive Three Day Program. This program will provide individuals with the basics of the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery. We have found this program to be very effective for highly motivated individuals, who are comfortable with their decision to stop drinking. This Intensive Three Day Treatment Program is not meant as a substitute for nor is as comprehensive as the Two Week Accelerated Program.

One of the cornerstones of the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery is the utilization of effective, safe medications, which dramatically assist in the recovery process. The medications, which are effective literally within minutes of ingestion, enable an individual to have a highly productive and focused three days.

While it is true that any licensed physician can write a prescription for the medications that are used in our program the reality is that the vast majority of physicians simply will not consider writing prescriptions for anti-alcohol medications. Most physicians have less than two hours of formal training in treating alcohol dependence. Upon asking a physician for help, the standard response seems to be “go to AA.” Our Medical Director, Dr Sam Walker has over 10 years of experience with the medications used in this program. Recently, Dr. Walker was named one of the “top docs” in Arizona for 2010 by his peers.

Upon arrival in Phoenix, the first item on the agenda is to be seen by Dr Walker, for an evaluation and prescriptions for appropriate anti-alcohol medications. The medications utilized by Assisted Recovery and Dr Walker are not addicting, either physically or emotionally, are quick acting, and may be discontinued at anytime without an adverse physical or emotional reaction. They are not Scheduled Medications, which simply means they are not addicting. Prescriptions for the medications written by Dr Walker can be filled by any pharmacy in the United States. We encourage all clients to inform their personal physicians of the medications that they are taking, but it is not necessary for them to re-write the prescriptions written by Dr Walker.

It must be remembered that while extremely effective, the medications are tools rather than a cure. They literally will level the playing field, enabling you to focus on the truly difficult part of the recovery process, which is learning how to be happy in life, without the alcohol. To achieve this goal, Assisted Recovery utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Intensive Three Day Program includes six hours of individual counseling and two or more group sessions. The groups meet for an hour and a half. During these sessions, the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and relapse prevention tools will be covered. Upon return home, follow up is provided either via telephone or SKYPE. The use of SKYPE, which is video conferencing, providing a more personal setting for long distance counseling. It is very easy to set up on any computer, which our staff will be happy to assist you with. Additionally, each Monday at 6:00 PM Arizona Standard Time, a group session again utilizing SKYPE is conducted.

All clients are provided with the unique Assisted Recovery Client Manual, which details our Pennsylvania Model program. The goal of the manual is to teach you how to apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to not only improving your ability to remain alcohol free but to enhance your life skills.

Clients may choose any three day combination, with the exception being Sunday as one of the three days. Please note that groups are not offered on Wednesday. If it is necessary for you to attend on Wednesday, only one or two groups will be available for you to attend.

Phoenix enjoys exceptional airline service and is a major hub for Southwest and Phoenix based US Airways. Clients are free to choose any of the area’s outstanding hotels or we can make recommendations. We have a special arrangement with Extended Stay Deluxe of America. The hotel, which is less than five years old and was recently completely renovated, is perhaps five minutes from Assisted Recovery in mid-town Phoenix. The studio suites have complete kitchens and offer cable television, free internet connection and a fully equipped kitchen. Rates are in the $80.00 per night range. If you wish to pamper yourself, we also highly recommend the Hilton Pointe at Tapatio Cliff’s for a resort environment. Our staff will be happy to assist you with making reservations.

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