Help for Opiates/Pain Pills

Finally, evidence-based treatment for opiates that will empower you to quit using and make positive changes in your life.

Opiates and opiate addiction (which covers both heroin addiction and narcotic painkiller addiction) are issues we can help you address. Assisted Recovery is a leader in providing state of the art treatment for opiate dependence and fully licensed to provide behavioral health services in Arizona BH2620. ARCA makes use of effective medications that greatly reduce the craving to use and effects of detox.


Suboxone® protocols offer opiate dependent individuals a safe, effective, and reasonable path to abstinence and recovery.

Treatment is provided in an Out Patient professional setting. With Suboxone®, we can safely and effectively detox an individual from opiate dependence comfortably in an Out Patient environment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is provided and is an integral component of the Assisted Recovery Pennsylvania Model program. It fully meets the counseling requirement that is mandated by the Food & Drug Administration for individuals taking Suboxone®.


ARCA recognizes the anxiety and depression associated with detoxing from opiates. Furthermore, we believe that benzodiazepine’s are not an appropriate response due to their highly addictive nature. ARCA utilizes ondansetron as a safe and effective alternative to a benzodiazepine.


As soon as a client is detoxed, ARCA strongly recommends the use of Vivitrol(r) which is injectable naltrexone. Vivitrol(r) blocks the ability to use any type of opiate for 30 days. Vivitrol(r) is an essential tool that clearly is often the difference between success and failure. ARCA works closely with Vivitrol’s manufacturer Alkermes Pharmaceuticals to facilitate the delivery of Vivitrol(r) to the client. Vivitrol(r) provides the assurance that an individual cannot use an opiate for 30 days.

Responsible Use of Medications

ARCA believes in addressing the biological, psychological and social components of addiction, and fully integrates medications with intensive psychological treatment, psychosocial support, and education. This type of integrated program is an example of the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery which is named in recognition of the work of the University of Pennsylvania and in particular Dr. Joseph Volpicelli, MD, PhD (author of Recovery Options). Stopping drug use does not stop the cravings or the thought processes that lead an individual to relapse, therefore, ARCA is committed to a “multi-modal” approach to treating addiction.