Help for Alcohol

The Four Components of Assisted Recovery:

1. Biological
At ARCA, we recognize that the biological effects of alcohol abuse increase the chances of relapse and threaten lasting recovery. We address this physiological component of addiction utilizing the anti-craving medication naltrexone, and Campral®, which helps to stabilize the brain chemistry and reduce craving and relapse.

2. Psychological
Psychological factors can lead to addiction and often times act to prolong and worsen the problem. ARCA has experience helping people better understand themselves and their addiction, and we empower our client’s to take more control over their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

3. Environmental
Addiction can take a serious toll on one’s environment, including their family and close relationships, employment, and social relationships. Substance use can also create legal and/or economic problems for an individual. At ARCA we understand how addiction can effect our client’s environment and are prepared to assist in repairing these areas of one’s life.

4. Spiritual
At Assisted Recovery we recognize that a spiritual component is helpful for many people seeking recovery. We feel, however, that this issue is best left to the individual and we will not require or emphasize the adoption of any particular spiritual belief.

Finally, Evidence-Based Treatment Programs that will empower you to quit drinking and make positive changes in your life.

Assisted Recovery Centers of America is a premier outpatient treatment center specializing in addressing a variety of addictions using evidenced-based methods tailored to meet our client’s particular needs. Addictions are not one-size-fits-all and neither is the treatment we provide.

We believe that each client has unique needs and strengths, and that with the right support can obtain and maintain their treatment goals no matter how difficult the challenge.

In combination with a thorough assessment of our client’s specific needs and strengths, we utilize a flexible array of treatment methods that fit with our client’s unique situation and objectives utilizing only methods which have been shown to be most clinically effective.

Read more about Assisted Recovery, our history, and our proven treatment methods by browsing our site or contact Assisted Recovery to schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your or your loved one’s treatment needs and how we can help.

ARCA represents an alternative to 12-step programs

We’d like to state at the outset that this does not mean that we are anti-AA. We believe in anything that works to meet an individuals recovery needs. We also believe that individuals should have a variety of choices and tools that may aid them in their recovery.

Since 1995, ARCA has been helping people who have struggled with one or more aspects of AA-based recovery.

Most people are already familiar with AA, and it’s primarily spiritual program of recovery (turning your will and your life over to a Higher Power). While ARCA strives to empower individuals to take control, rather than give it up, there are many beneficial aspects of AA such as the offering of many social support resources, in the form of self-help group meetings that are available nearly everywhere… plus dances, pot-luck suppers, retreats and conventions where members can meet other sober people.

AA also offers some limited psychological tools, mostly in the form of simple slogans such as “One Day at a Time,” which are easy to understand and remember. However, we believe our clients are intelligent and powerful, and we choose emphasize client empowerment and offer support, tools and skills to support healthy living- not just sobriety.

As a recognized leader in the non-12-Step recovery movement, Assisted Recovery’s founder and Director Lloyd Vacovsky was interviewed for the Penn and Teller Show on the Showtime Cable TV network. The episode about AA, entitled “12 Stepping”, began airing in September 2004. In this episode, Penn and Teller were particularly critical of AA, and of government-mandated attendance to what is essentially a religious program.

(Note: Suggested only for mature audiences and those who are not offended by foul language.)

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