Executive Program


I could not take time off and yet I really needed help. ARCA provided that help without me missing a day at work

-ARCA Client


Completely Confidential:

Assisted Recovery guarantees absolute privacy and discretion.

Confidential & Effective

  • Allows you to continue to work and function while in treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at your home or office
  • State of the art fully approved medications

Assisted Recovery recognizes that high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, government officials, and sports figures equire the utmost privacy. ARCA’s Executive Outpatient Program offers discretion and convenience. We will even travel to your home or office to provide discrete therapy. Upon special circumstnces, ARCA can travel to any location to provide treatment.

Our Commitment to Employers: Assisted Recovery recognizes that key employees are vital to your organization. With the use of FDA approved, safe, effective medications along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we can guarantee that your key employee can remain on the job and be productive.

ARCA is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

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