Assisted Recovery is a fully licensed Behavioral Health Agency.

ARCA treats all behavioral health issues with a focus on alcohol and substance abuse.

Program Overview
Our NON-12 Step programs combine:

The use of safe, effective medications that stop the craving and obsession with alcohol, and opiate drugs to support the repair of brain chemistry which has been gradually impaired by alcohol and or opiate abuse.
Treatment and talk therapy which includes extensive one-on-one counseling and therapy grounded group meetings. Treatment focuses on the whole person and emphasizes learning how to deal effectively with the underlying issues that lead to, and perpetuate, addictive behaviors.

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Non-12 Step Science & Evidence Based Treatment

Assisted Recovery was the first treatment program in the nation to adopt the scientific research on naltrexone, which was primarily conducted at the University of Pennsylvania’s Treatment Research Center in Philadelphia, PA, and offer it to the public as a non-12 Step treatment option. Pharmacotherapy or the use of medications in combination with therapy is the centerpiece of treatment at Assisted Recovery.